Earthing Foam Grounding Mattress – Comparable To Tempurpedic

Earthing Grounding Bed

The electrically grounded Earthing Foam Mattress can help you get the perfect night’s sleep. It’s comparable to a TempurPedicâ„¢ but comes with the invaluable benefit of connecting you to the Earth’s healing energy and counteracting free-radical damage.

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Earthing Foam Grounding Mattress - Comparable To Tempurpedic

The Earthing Bed is a mattress like no other. With it, you can experience rest and rejuvenation beyond anything you have known. The Earth is the ultimate source of healing energy. You were born to be connected to it. The Earthing Bed does just that…connects you to that powerful and endless supply of free electrons while you sleep. Why must you be connected to enjoy optimal health? The conveniences, comforts, stresses and electronic advancements of our modern lifestyles disconnect us from this source of energy every day. Every night you can counteract the damage, absorb vital energy and return your body to its natural state of balance, all while enjoying a perfect night’s sleep.