Metabolic Health & Healing Through Earthing

The Earth is an infinite source of free electrons, natural healing energy that helps keep the body in balance.  You were meant to be connected to it.  Our modern lifestyles disconnect you from that energy and subject you to a barrage of electronic, environmental and social stresses that steadily deplete your body.  Earthing technology and products restore that essential connection, allowing you to remain in contact with an endless healing source. If you need better covers for your baseboard radiator covers click here

At Balanced By Earth, our mission is to offer you safe and natural solutions for connecting with this energy and optimizing your health and quality of life.  We offer you the latest information and finest products and want to help you discover the life-changing power of Earthing.


Earthing Mattresses

Earthing Mattress Bed Sleep System

Earthing beds are made with organic cotton materials. Better than a Tempurpedic foam mattress and only cost a fraction of the price!

Half Bed Pads

Earthing Bed Pad (half-sheet)

Place the pad across the foot or center of the bed, over your bottom sheet, and sleep connected to the Earth’s healing energy.

Fitted Sheets

Earthing Fitted Sheets

Our cotton fitted sheets are soft, supple and fit your mattress similar to typical bottom fitted sheets.  They are woven with soft, silver conductive wires throughout.

Universal Mat

Earthing Universal Mat & Cover

The Universal Mat can be used as a mouse pad or sit under your feet. It keeps you grounded during the day when you are sitting at a computer.


Angellina’s Story

SomniSure Female Testimonial

Angellina Greco, Runner
Brentwood, CA

Brad’s Story

Earthing Male Testimonial

Brad Graham, Fire Captain
Long Beach, CA

Amanda’s Story

Earthing Female Testimonial

Amanda Stone, Runner
Los Angeles, CA

"Very sore knees until I started using the Recovery Bag. Then I was able to run the trail again, actually the whole thing. Not just walk down hill, I could actually run down hill."–Amanda Stone, Los Angeles, CA

"You could be in a period of sleep…say 1:00 in the morning…and you get a call…people are trapped in a vehicle. It could be a mother and her children. I find myself after incidents such as those unable to go back to sleep. I’ve noticed since I’ve been on the Earthing technology with the Recovery Bag that I have a deeper sleep. I feel more well rested when I get up in the morning. But yet I’m also able after a call to back to sleep in what I consider a decent time period…20 minutes instead of 2 ½ hours."–Brad Graham, Long Beach, CA

"The regeneration…is really giving me extra years to work. I feel better than I have ever felt. I have a hectic schedule, a lot on my plate. If I didn’t go to bed every night and sleep on the pad and the sheet, I wouldn’t have the energy to do what I do."–Katherine Van Hatten, Brentwood, CA

"After a lot of training rides or hard activities, I wake up and feel a lot better. It’s helped a lot on the pain management. I used to wake up, the first hour of every morning with a lot of pain, and I don’t have that anymore."–Philip Mundy, Jasper, IN